Places to Go in Saranac Lake, NY

Saranac Lake is a village in New York State. It is the largest village in the Adirondack Park, with a population of 5,406 at the…

Saranac Lake is a village in New York State. It is the largest village in the Adirondack Park, with a population of 5,406 at the 2010 census. It is named after the Middle and Upper Saranac lakes. This picturesque village is a popular vacation spot with many attractions and outdoor activities.

High Falls Gorge

Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy the 22-acre nature park’s waterfalls, hiking/walking trails, and glass-floor walkways. This is a popular destination for families. The park also has a gift shop and a restaurant. It is open daily.

Visitors can walk through the gorge to see the waterfalls and ice formations that have carved the rock walls. This walk is accessible to all ages, and the park offers a variety of trails that are groomed and accessible for everyone. There is a quarter-mile-long wheelchair-accessible walkway. Visitors should also take the time to walk across the suspended platforms and see the four waterfalls.

Visiting Saranac Lake, New York during the Winter Carnival will give you a chance to experience an unspoiled, quieter Adirondack experience. Saranac Lake is also known for its epic kayaking experiences. You can also visit the Adirondack Sky Center and Observatory, located just 45 minutes from Lake Placid. The sky is clear, the temperature is low, and there is minimal light pollution.

Hiking High Falls Gorge is a fun way to get closer to nature, and it is free! Taking a stroll through this private nature park offers a scenic vantage point and is easy enough for the entire family to enjoy. The walk is about 60 to 90 minutes long and features smooth trails, metal bridges, and a glass platform. The hike is wheelchair-accessible and offers an intimate view of this Adirondack river and one-and-half billion year-old rock formation.

High Falls Gorge is a popular attraction among visitors to the Adirondacks. It features a half-mile waterfall walk, beautiful foliage, and delicious Adirondack-inspired cuisine at the River View Cafe.

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in Saranac Lake is a unique museum that celebrates the work of the author. The museum includes a number of exhibits and historical buildings that tell the story of the writer. Visitors can tour the Stevenson Cottage, a historic cure cottage that dates back to the 1850s. It is an L-shaped, one-and-a-half-story wood-frame building with a fieldstone foundation and wood-frame siding.

The museum includes authentic artifacts from Stevenson’s time in Saranac Lake while he searched for a cure for his lung disease. Its informative guide can help you understand Stevenson’s experiences, and the museum’s displays and artifacts are well worth your time. The museum is also home to the world’s largest collection of Stevenson memorabilia.

There is a plaque above Stevenson’s bed, which depicts him propped up on pillows. Inside, a glass case holds his black silk jacket and a sprig of heather from Scotland. The museum is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or weekend.

Robert Louis Stevenson came to Saranac Lake from New York to recover from tuberculosis. A clean air environment is thought to cure the disease. After receiving treatment in Saranac Lake, he wrote a book called The Master of Ballantrae and many other works.

The museum houses the Stevenson cottage where Stevenson lived and wrote his famous books, such as Treasure Island and Kidnapped. The museum is located on Stevenson Lane, off New York Route 3.

Mark Twain MapleWorks

The Mark Twain MapleWorks is one of the village’s must-see attractions, where you can take guided tours through the maple farm and sample the syrup produced on the property. Located right along Lake Street, the company has over 500 maple trees and is run by Jack Drury. The sugaring operation started as an experiment 30 years ago with a few taps in Minerva. Today, it is the largest maple syrup producer in the area.

Visitors can also explore the Mark Twain house, which is now open to the public. In addition to the house, visitors can also visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage, which is located on Ampersand Bay. The property features two large cabins and a secluded deck. The cottage is located two miles from Saranac Lake and the Mark Twain MapleWorks. While in Saranac Lake, guests can also visit the famous author’s camp, where he often spent the summers.

Mark Twain spent the summer of 1901 at the Mark Twain Camp, which is now known as Mark Twain MapleWorks. This family-run maple syrup production facility is located near Lower Saranac Lake, where Twain collected sap as part of his childhood. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the facility and learn about the history of maple syrup making in the Adirondacks.

Another attraction in Saranac Lake is the Saranac Lake Regional Art Gallery. The Adirondacks are home to a number of talented artists, and you can explore their work here.


Riverwalking in Saranac Lake, NY, is an excellent way to explore the town’s history and natural environment. The paved path parallels the Saranac River and features a number of small bridges. It is also handicap accessible and offers access to downtown. During the fall, the area is decorated with colorful foliage.

Although the Adirondacks are a popular winter destination, Saranac Lake is a beautiful place to visit year-round. The town is home to beautiful century-old buildings and family-owned shops. The downtown area is packed with galleries and funky boutiques. In addition to great dining options, Saranac Lake is home to several art galleries and restaurants.

The Saranac Laboratory Museum is located on Church Street. The museum tells the story of the town’s early history as a medical research and treatment center. It also features the world’s first laboratory dedicated to the study of Tuberculosis. In 1885, Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau founded the Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, which became a world-renowned center for the treatment of Tuberculosis. The town was also home to many “cure porches” that were built for patients. Today, the institute is a nonprofit research organization focused on immune systems and disease prevention.

The Saranac River runs through the town, forming a natural boundary between the towns of Saranac and Morrisonville. The towns of Saranac Lake were originally populated by wealthy people. Many millionaires had homes on the lake, but now, the community is mostly a residential area and has commercial businesses.

Saranac Lake is an attractive, family-friendly community. The town has plenty of recreational opportunities, including the William Morris Park, where you can enjoy an Adirondack Carousel and a playground. You can also treat yourself to a tasty Adirondack meal at one of the village’s restaurants or at a picnic table in Riverside Park.


Saranac Lake, NY has a wide variety of dining options. In addition to countless lakeside restaurants, you can find a Hilton-owned hotel on Main St., which dates back to 1927. You can also stay in a comfortable inn on Lake Flower Ave, which features a relaxing outdoor atmosphere and views of the mountains.

If you’re looking for something a little less upscale, you might consider the Downhill Grill. It’s known for its casual and affordable digs, and it’s also the town’s oldest bar. It also has a wide variety of nighttime specials and live music. It’s also home to the Pickled Pig, which prides itself on its southern-style barbecue pub food. The Lakeview Deli, which has a sidewalk patio, is another favorite for locals.

Many of the restaurants in Saranac Lake offer a casual, home-style atmosphere. This doesn’t mean you have to give up great food, however. Some offer gourmet chicken wings, wood-fired game meats, and authentic French cuisine. A couple of restaurants also offer a children’s menu for those with little ones.

In Saranac Lake, you’ll be able to get the best maple syrup in the Adirondacks, and there are several maple farms in town. Each has a unique style and flavor. One of the best maple farms is Mark Twain MapleWorks, located on Lake St. and owned by local celebrity Jack Drury.

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