Penwell, Texas is an unincorporated community near Interstate 20 and is located sixteen miles southwest of Odessa, Texas. It is part of the Odessa Metropolitan…

Penwell, Texas is an unincorporated community near Interstate 20 and is located sixteen miles southwest of Odessa, Texas. It is part of the Odessa Metropolitan Statistical Area. Penwell is home to the only 1/4 mile drag strip in West Texas. The town also has several attractions for visitors, including the Globe Theater, a replica of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, a trampoline park, and a post office.

PENWELL TEXAS – a replica of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The Globe of the Great Southwest is a replica of the Globe Theatre in London, which is world famous for staging Shakespeare’s plays. The replica is built to look like the original Globe Theater and features a 410-seat Elizabethan stage and wood-framed facade. The Globe Theatre is open to the public for classical and modern plays, with performances held throughout the year.

The Globe Theater was built after the Great War, after a local senior English class decided to create a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe. The community donated funds for the Globe Theater, which was formally dedicated in May 1964. The Globe was named after Marjorie Morris, who was responsible for its creation.

The Globe Theater is one of the four major theatres in London. It was originally an open-air polygonal amphitheater with a 100-foot-diameter. The stage was 43 feet wide and about 27 feet deep, and was filled with audience members. There were probably trap doors in the stage and primitive rigging.

The Globe was first built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. It was the first permanent theater in London. Before that, plays and dramatic performances were performed in inn yards and street corners. The Common Council of London began to license these performances in 1574. In addition, actor James Burbage built a theater outside the city limits. The timbers from the old theatre were transported across the Thames for the construction of the Globe.

The original foundations of the Globe were rediscovered in 1989, and the ruins of the original theater were carefully studied by archaeologists. After incorporating this information into the reconstruction plan, the replica opened in 1997. In addition to a full-scale replica of the Globe, the building complex also features an outdoor play area and a garden.

Although most of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed in the Globe, the original theater burned down on June 29, 1613. Since then, reconstructions have taken place all over the world. A replica of the Globe is now open in Penwell Texas.

The original Globe Theatre was built by Shakespeare’s playing company in 1599. It burned down during a production of Henry VIII in 1613. The theatre was rebuilt the following year, and ran for nearly thirty years until the Puritans enacted an ordinance closing all theaters. The second Globe was later torn down and tenements were built on the site. The original Globe Theatre was only partially restored and is currently open for performances.

PENWELL TEXAS trampoline park

If you are in the Houston area, consider taking a trip to a trampoline park. Trampoline parks are a great way to spend an afternoon, and a visit to a PENWELL TEXAS trampoline park will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family. The park has several attractions for all ages, including open jump areas, foam pits, dodgeball, fitness programs, and more!

The first thing to know about trampolines is that they are not for sitting or lying down. Instead, they are designed for jumping, running, and playing. You’re not allowed to play tag, wrestle, or double flip. You can also’t throw food or drink on the trampoline pads, or rest in the foam pit.


The Penwell Post Office is a US Postal Service location. Find out their business hours, phone number, and more. You can also find relevant information such as a map and driving directions. You can even share this US Post Office map on your own website or blog. You can copy the HTML code to embed the map in your site.

Penwell is located in Ector County, Texas. The post office is open Monday through Friday. It is closed on federal holidays. You can find directions and drop-off hours on this website. You can also find nearby UPS, DHL, and FedEx locations. If you don’t have a cell phone, you can use the telephone number to call the Penwell Post Office.

The Penwell Post Office is located at 157 S FM ROAD 1601 in Penwell, TX. The Penwell Post Office is a branch of the United States Postal Service. In addition to offering mail delivery and packages, they also offer passport services. The USPS is an independent agency of the federal government and is funded by the revenues generated from its operations.

During the oil boom, Penwell was an oil town that grew quickly. While its population was expectedly high, the town also experienced growing pains. Many people lived in tents and shacks instead of proper dwellings. The town also had several filling stations, a barbershop, a pool hall, and a dance hall. There was also a local newspaper, called the Penwell News.

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