Things to Do in Penwell, Texas

Whether you’re interested in science or history, there’s a lot to do in Penwell, Texas. The area boasts a Trampoline Park and Lake. You can…

Whether you’re interested in science or history, there’s a lot to do in Penwell, Texas. The area boasts a Trampoline Park and Lake. You can also attend Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. The area also has a lot to offer for a family vacation.

Trampoline park

Altitude Trampoline Park is a high-energy entertainment facility that offers trampoline parks for birthday parties and group fitness. The park features thousands of square feet of interconnected trampolines, foam pit, and gymnastics tumble tracks. There is also a kid zone, basketball dunking lanes, dodge ball, and group fitness classes. The park encourages a healthy lifestyle, and many moms and toddlers take advantage of weekday specials.

Altitude Trampoline Park Spring-Klein is a premier entertainment option in the Penwell area. It has over 45,000 square feet of trampolines to get your heart pumping. The park has 13 different areas, including the Extreme Dodgeball, Basketball Slam Dunk, Log Roll, and Tumble Trampolines.

Altitude Trampoline Park is the 31st in the Altitude chain. It offers high-energy entertainment, including gymnastics tumble tracks, foam pits, dodge ball, and group fitness. This park also hosts birthday parties and offers great value for families. The park is located in the Feasterville Plaza Shopping Center.


Penwell, Texas is a small town in the Ector County oil fields, located sixteen miles southwest of Odessa. The town was named for J. H. Penn, who drilled the discovery well for the Penwell-Jordan oilfield. After the discovery well, the town began to develop quickly. The townsite was laid out in 1929, and a post office was established in 1930. Originally, the population of Penwell was small. During the early years, many residents lived in tents and shacks, but eventually the town began to build more permanent housing options.

Penwell, Texas is home to a number of oil and gas operations. The nearby Penwell Oil and Gas refinery produces about 70,000 barrels of oil equivalent each day. The facility is expected to expand to 100,000 bpd in the coming years. The refinery will use captured bio-methane to produce the fuel.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The Globe of the Great Southwest is a replica of William Shakespeare’s original Globe Theater, located in Odessa, Texas. In addition to the Globe, the complex includes a replica of Anne Hathaway’s cottage and is part of the campus of Odessa College.

The Globe Theater is part of the Globe Complex, which was built in the 1960s. It features 410 seats and a half circle orchestra pit. It also has four private dressing rooms and two group dressing rooms, as well as full audio and lighting capabilities. It is also home to monthly community theater performances.

The original Globe Theater was built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company, and was destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613. It was rebuilt a year later with a tiled roof. It operated until a Puritan government decreed that all theaters in London be closed on moral grounds. The current Globe Theater was built on the original Globe’s foundations and opened in 1997. The founder Sam Wanamaker had campaigned for years to get the building built.

The Globe is owned by the actors who perform in the productions. All Globe shareholders were also Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Cuthbert Burbage and Richard Burbage owned double shares, while Shakespeare and other Globe actors held a single share each. This meant that Shakespeare and his actors had a 12.5 percent stake in the theater. However, his share diminished to seven percent over his life.

Located on the campus of Odessa College, the Globe Theater is a historic theater modeled after the Elizabethan Globe of Shakespeare. This 410-seat theater is a community venue, with a rotation of performances. It also hosts a monthly country western show and community activities.

Marjorie Morris of Odessa High School was one of the first students to propose the idea of a Globe theater. She had a student group sponsored the project and she wrote her thesis on it. She later went on to study in England and received her master’s degree in English at North Texas State College. She then began teaching at Odessa College.

In the early seventeenth century, the Globe Theater had a stage that was raised five feet off the floor. It had a trap door that allowed performers to enter from below. This area was sometimes called “Hell,” because it is believed that supernatural beings entered and exited from the stage.

Located on the campus of Odessa College, the Globe of the Great Southwest is a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, built in 1598 on the Thames River in London, England. It features six acting areas. In addition to the Globe of the Great Southwest, the Globe Theatre has a replica of Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

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